October 17, 2023
Here is Orba's marketing and sales tech stack

At Orba, we're all about helping our fellow GTM professionals. We're thrilled to share a quick overview of our marketing and sales tech stack, and we're equally excited to learn about what has worked well for your teams.

1. Building a Website: Webflow

Your website is often the first point of contact with potential customers. Webflow is our go-to platform for web development. It empowers us to create stunning, responsive websites with ease, regardless of our coding expertise. Writing blogs (like this one) is also very easy.

2. Website Conversions: Orba

We practice what we preach by using our own service for website conversions. We know that turning website visitors into customers is the ultimate goal, and Orba ensures that every website conversation counts.

3. Finding Target Users and Emailing Them:

Identifying and reaching your target audience is crucial for any sales strategy. is our tool of choice for this task. It streamlines the process of discovering prospects, gathering their contact details, and sending personalized emails, leveraging a comprehensive database to reach potential clients effectively.

4. Outbound Direct Messages: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For B2B marketing and sales, LinkedIn is indispensable. LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps us find and connect with potential clients. It allows for precise prospect filtering and customized outbound messaging. The tool provides key insights on each prospect's latest activity so we're able to send more personalized outreach. If you're not ready to pay for Sales Navigator, no worries. Using your LinkedIn network to DM your target persona can still be  effective.

5. Setting Up Meetings: Calendly

Scheduling meetings may not seem glamorous, but it's an essential part of our branding and marketing strategy. Calendly simplifies this process, integrating seamlessly with our calendars and allowing us to share our availability with clients. This efficient approach enhances the user experience and showcases our commitment to seamless interactions.

6. Sales Call Recording: Fathom

Recording and analyzing sales calls is essential for training and service improvement. Fathom is our choice for this task. It empowers us to gain valuable insights from call recordings.

We believe that in this ever-evolving landscape, it's not just about the tools, but how you leverage them. Technology must be paired with creativity, strategy, and a deep understanding of your audience to succeed. We're eager to learn from you, too. What tools and strategies have worked well for your marketing and sales teams?

In this industry, collaboration is key, and by sharing our experiences and knowledge, we can navigate challenges and seize opportunities together.