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✔️ 300 contacts revealed across all visiting accounts
✔️ Filter accounts by region, employee size, and more
✔️ Segment visitors based on target ICPs
✔️ View visitor-level actions such as pages visited
✔️ Sync with Email/Slack to get alerts for top leads

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Everything in Starter +
✔️ 10k contacts revealed across all visiting accounts  
✔️ 'Intent Level' metric to prioritize accounts faster

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What is Orba?

Orba helps SDRs and BDRs identify high quality leads from their website so they’re able to reach out to prospects at the perfect time, improving open rates and booking more meetings.

Who should use Orba?

SDRs and BDRs are best fit our platform. Marketing teams, especially demand generation, would also find it useful towards their MQL goals.

How is Orba different from other solutions?

Orba is the first intent-based sales tool that unifies your account-level and visitor-level views into one. You don't have to jump between dashboards and can quickly drill-down into the right prospects at each account. Other solutions are simply full of misleading or incomplete information. Other solutions are only able to de-anonymize 10-15% of website visitors and larger vendors like Clearbit only reveal existing users who already sit in the CRM.

How much does Orba cost? 

Our Starter tier is free. For customers who require more functionality, the Growth plan costs $99 per month. We're also able to create tailored pricing based on your use case and needs.

How can I get started?

To get started, visit our sign up page or book a demo call with our team.