March 5, 2024
Is outbound dead for SDRs?

In 2024, outbound performance seems to be on a downward trend, with open rates plunging from the once-robust 20% averages down to a mere 5-9%. The culprit? A relentless deluge of cold emails bombarding prospects.

The Landscape of Change:

It's evident that the old-school approach of "pray and spray" is no longer effective. In an era where prospects are drowning in a sea of generic outreach, a new strategy is imperative for survival. So, what is the best solution for SDRs and BDRs in this ever-changing landscape? The answer lies in one pivotal element: timing.

The Importance of Timing:

In the world of selling, timing has become the linchpin for success. Crafting compelling copy is no longer enough; the key is delivering it at the precise moment when prospects are receptive. Aligning outreach with prospects' schedules and buying cycles is not just a strategy; it's a necessity for making an impact. If a prospect is actively exploring solutions, your well-timed message stands a better chance of being considered.

The Pitfalls of "Spray and Pray":

While some may argue that a multi-channel approach is the silver bullet, bombarding a disinterested prospect with emails, LinkedIn messages, and cold calls can backfire. This approach risks alienating potential leads rather than fostering engagement.

The Game-Changing Role of Visitor Insight Tools:

Enter the era of innovation with tools like Orba. These visitor insight tools empower SDRs to engage precisely when prospects are most receptive. Imagine having the ability to know exactly when a prospect is actively seeking a solution similar to yours, exploring your website, or perusing pricing pages. No more shooting in the dark – this is the future of outbound strategy.


In conclusion, outbound is far from dead; it's evolving. Success in 2024 demands adaptation, a keen sense of timing, and the integration of innovative tools like Orba. The modern sales landscape requires SDRs and BDRs to embrace change, align their strategies with prospect behaviors, and leverage technology to make their outreach not just heard but resonant.

Outbound is not merely surviving; it's thriving in an era where precision, relevance, and timing reign supreme. ✨