January 12, 2024
πŸš€ Introducing Orba Visitor Insights

Sales is hard.

We get it. At our company, we use Koala to track website visitors and understand which companies are showing interest – an excellent tool. Then comes the guessing game with to identify specific visitor names and emails. Finally, we can draft up personalized outreach. It's effective but painfully time-consuming, requiring us to navigate three different tools.

After weeks of grappling with this challenge, we had an epiphany – why not integrate this into Orba?

πŸš€ Introducing Orba Visitor Insights. You can now identify high-intent web visitors, view their email/persona, and set up email or Orba Chatbot sequences, all in one place!

We're thrilled to share this exciting development with you. You can sign up on our website to be the first to hear about the launch: Link

Stay tuned and happy selling!Β