December 3, 2023
How to get started with Orba’s conversational AI chatbot

If reading a blog is not how you like to consume information, you can also follow along in this 5 minute video 📺

Step 1: Sign up
You can sign up right on our website or visit the sign up page directly:

Step 2: Create your knowledge base and sync your calendar
In the Knowledge Base tab, you’re able to sync your website, product messaging documents, or CRM to Orba. Fetching your website URLs is the easiest way to provide Orba context on your company’s messaging. If you would rather upload a product messaging document, you can use our template to get started. Lastly, creating a CRM integration allows Orba to write AI conversation summaries right into your CRM. These summaries are very helpful for sales reps who need context on new prospects and want to appropriately follow up with each qualified lead using personalized messaging.

Next, head over to the Settings page so you can sync your calendar. To do so, simply provide a link to your meeting scheduling URL where website visitors will be able to book a meeting with your team. In the example below, we’re using a Calendly link.

Step 3: Test your chatbot

Now you’re ready to take your chatbot on a test run in the Test environment. You will find the test chatbot in the bottom right corner of the page. Here is a list of some of the most common questions we see coming from website visitors so make sure to test them out. But it’s okay if you don’t have every question figured out. The goal is to get started and improve your chabot’s knowledge base as you learn from each website visitor interaction.

  1. What is your company?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. I'm looking to do X, can you help with that?
  4. Who are your customers?
  5. Do you have customer testimonials?

Step 4: Add the widget to your website

Once you’re happy with the responses, navigate to the Settings tab to copy the HTML code and apply it to your website code base. You must select "Upgrade" to access this code. You will submit your payment information to subscribe to Orba and get started with the $20/month tier.

Step 5: Sit back and watch your leads come in!
You can view all of the conversations that have taken place on your website here in the Conversation tab. Orba will also automatically store new leads into your CRM and add a summary of each conversation for easy follow up.

To get started for free, visit our sign up page.