November 5, 2023
Orba launches on Product Hunt to help marketers convert more web visitors and share key insights with their SDRs

Orba launches on Product Hunt with the mission of helping marketing and sales teams convert website leads faster.

Today is a big milestone for Orba. But before we celebrate, let’s talk about the real hero of our story: our customers.

I want you to meet Steve. He is a demand generation leader at his Series A B2B SaaS company and works closely with his head of sales. Three months after taking his new job as demand generation manager, he was struggling with a common problem: his website visitors weren't converting to meetings. The culprit? Tedious lead forms and clunky scripted chatbots. Steve was frustrated, but he soon stumbled upon Orba.

Steve's Frustrations and Orba's Solution
Steve was unhappy that website visitors are simply not filling up his lead forms and he also hated building complex chat scripts. Orba offered a lifeline. He uploaded his messaging document, and Orba synced with his CRM to personalize conversations and ask the right questions automatically. Orba is a generative AI sales rep. It's perfect for B2B SaaS companies who are looking to qualify more leads but have abudget constraint, and therefore can't hire more Sales Development Reps (SDRs) or Business Development Reps (BDRs) to do so.

Orba isn't your average chatbot; it's a brilliant sales rep. It asks questions, provides value, and simplifies the script-building process. Plus, it sends rich conversation summaries to your CRM for better meeting preparation.

Just four weeks after launch, Orba has already held 10+ demo calls, signed up 4 users, and even landed a paying customer. We're very excited about what Orba will be able to do for demand generation and sales teams across the world.

Orba's Launch on Product Hunt
Today, we're excited to introduce Orba on Product Hunt. In just three months, we've gone from an idea to a product that's transforming how marketing and sales teams connect with website visitors. Orba isn't just a chatbot; it's your partner in lead generation.

Orba is your secret weapon for converting leads, automating chat scripts, and ensuring your sales team is always well-prepared. We're just getting started, and the possibilities are endless. We envision a world where Orba revolutionizes how marketers interact with website visitors, understand their prospect's intents, and effectively collaborate with sales teams. Join us on Product Hunt!